Cheers and jeers

“Brett, who?” was exactly what I said last night when the Packers clinched their first win of the season.

I will try not to wax about every Packers game this season …

But last night’s game was fantastic.

I decided early on I would have to sacrifice my valuable sleep time. I wasn’t going to bed early. I wasn’t going to risk missing the end of a Packers-Bears game

In between brushing teeth and changing to pajamas, I caught Mason Crosby’s 39-yard field goal to give the Packers a lead early in the fourth quarter. And then I watched Jay Cutler lead the Bears down the field, only to settle for the field goal of their own, and the lead returned to the Bears …

Then, I settled into bed as the Packers regained the ball with barely two minutes left in the game …

Bring up third-and-1. When Aaron Rodgers launched that ball toward the sideline, and it fell into Greg Jennings’ arms, I sat straight up in the bed, thrust both fists in the air, and shouted a squelched “Yes!” so as to not wake Phoebe who was sleeping across the hall.

Still, it was enough for Kates to shush me from the bathroom.

If only Pheebs knew what she was missing.

* * *

In the meantime ...

I've been hearing all morning about something Kanye West did at last night's MTV's Music Video Awards ...

Now, I've finally seen the video and read the accounts of him stealing the stage from Taylor Swift.

I heard about one musician who equaled the display to "stomping on a kitty."

Pretty much.

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