Humming along

Our DVR has been positively humming the last few days. Like it or not, fall is here and so is a brand new TV season ...

Kates and I finally found time to watch President Obama's appearance on Letterman ...

Mr. Obama showed aces with his comment that he was "black before the election." Beyond that, aside from his eloquence and charm, I thought his answers to questions about healthcare and the wars we're fighting were on par.

Although, I do think there was some truth in President Carter's statements last week. My hope is that Obama doesn't get too caught up in the discussion and remains focused on his agenda while allowing the race debate to take place outside the White House.

* * *

Now that we've almost completed the round of Fall Premieres '09, I can follow-up on my earlier list of new shows Kates and I planned to watch ... I can also report there have been some pleasant surprises ...

On Monday night, it was thoroughly enjoyable to get reacquainted with our old pals on CBS's comedy lineup. ("How I Met Your Mother:" Barney and Robin are totally a couple!) ... We're also quite intrigued with the possibilities of "Accidentally on Purpose."

After reading some not-so-great reviews beforehand, I had low hopes going in ... But I think one morning show DJ said it best: You've just got to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

I don't think any of CBS's Monday night shows made me laugh more than "Accidentally." And if you can make me laugh, you've won ... Sure the pace of Billie's and James's meet-up/baby news/moving in together was a little unrealistic, but I also thought the episode had about as much charm and wit as the stuff James showed in snagging Billie in the first place/wanting to stay with her/painting the baby's room, all by the end of the episode.

The pilot was hilarious. But only time will tell if the show can stand up beyond its first date.

On Wednesday ..."Modern Family" gets the prize as our favorite new show (I'm not counting "Glee," which technically debuted last spring) ... I love the premise, and I'm really excited to see Julie Bowen doing some comedy (sigh ... I miss "Ed."). ... The bit with the family looking over their appointment calendar to schedule a time that Dad could fire a BB gun at his son as payback for shooting his sister was beyond funny. And then, when the time came, the plan went haywire and Dad shoots his teenage daughter's senior class boyfriend ... It's also good to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson on TV again (sigh ... I miss "The Class." ... Here's an old, but still good read I dug up about it.)

"Cougar Town" also got our thumbs-up -- although I feel a little dirty saying that because the show is geared so tightly toward and about so-called cougar women ... Nonetheless, for me, Courtney Cox broke her Monica mold within the first two minutes of the show, and the casting is wonderful ("The Drew Carey Show," "Scrubs" and now "Cougar Town" -- Christa Miller, like Julie Bowen, gets me every time.)

(Here's a good read on "Modern Family" and the rebirth of the family comedy.)

Thursday night is stacked ... And it's looking like we'll be spending most of our time -- for now -- with "Flash Forward" and "Grey's Anatomy," while "The Office" and "30 Rock" get put off to Friday nights. ... We dropped "Community," deeming last week's premiere just plain dumb.

Starting with "FlashForward." ... Seriously!? There's a million questions going through my mind after watching the premiere. Like, why was a kangaroo jaunting through downtown Los Angeles after the flashforward? And who the heck was the guy in Detroit?! ... The acting, the "Lost"-like mysteries and the action-movie production are all factors that have me wanting more ...

But here's my beef: "Lost" has set the bar so high, and there will never be another show like it. I'm also skeptical of the glimpse of a future on April 29, 2010. Setting a specific date so near in the future -- not too mention the visions and the inherent desire to change circumstances -- reminds me too much of "Heroes." And those of us who fell so hard for that show during it's first season know how that turned out. What are we going to be left with when next April passes?

About last night's "Grey's" premiere ... Indeed, our roller coaster love affair with the docs at Seattle Grace will continue. Last night's episode succeeded again at pulling our heartstrings with real characters and raw emotions, with the laughter that's born from strong bonds mixed in. The twisted scene with the gang laughing hysterically at George's funeral is one that has stuck with me most. Yep, George died and Izzie lived -- the worst kept secret of TV's summer offseason.

Yet, my lingering thought on the episode is that it marked the end of an era for the show. With George gone and now the impending merger -- plus a handful of new characters (I do enjoy Arizona) -- "Grey's" is resembling less of its original self every season.

* * *

The death notices just keep coming ...

Last week: Patrick Swayze and Mary Travers.

I pulled out my "Peter, Paul & Mary: Ten Years Together" album for a good listen the other night ... It's easy to get caught up in the tributes and emotions of another great loss, but I must admit now that I don't listen to that album as much as I should. I hadn't realize how good their songs are.

* * *

While cleaning off our DVR, I also watched last week's "VH1 Divas" show. Is it wrong that I think Miley Cyrus gave the best performance of the show -- which was otherwise utterly boring?

On Tuesday, I did something I never ever thought I'd do. I downloaded a Miley Cyrus song. "Party in the U.S.A." from iTunes.

* * *

I stumbled onto this video last week ...

Every time I watch it, I break out laughing ... Ha-larious.

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