The Next Food Network Star

So Melissa d'Arabian was crowned “The Next Food Network Star” last night


After I found myself surprisingly riveted by last year’s edition of the show (I miss Kelsey), Kates was eager to get me in on it again this year. And once again, I was riveted, leading the charge to get Phoebe to bed every Sunday night so we could watch the next round of fast-paced cooking challenges …

No lying, I had Melissa pegged as the winner from the first episode. I was immediately charmed by her bubbly personality and spirit, and I could see she had a knack for cooking meals that were appealing and looked simple enough to Average Joe …

Jeffrey, on the other hand, I wasn’t so keen on – initially. While it was obvious he had the culinary skills, his personality didn’t jive with me. I thought he was too dull … But by the second episode those initial impressions wore off, and I started to believe that if it wasn’t Melissa than Jeffrey would be a likely winner.

So you go Melissa. I think she has Rachel Ray marketability spewing from her.

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