The Breakfast Club

So I fulfilled my promise to myself over the weekend

I finally sat down and watched “The Breakfast Club” with Kates on Saturday night …

I did enjoy it, and I can now understand why it’s held in high regard … Though, Kates and I mused as the credits rolled that we got a different perspective watching it as adults than we might have had as the angsty, pressured kids portrayed in the film. For a good portion of the movie I was thinking, Geez, I should have seen this in high school …

I can’t say I thought the movie was perfect, that it will rank among my all-time favorites, or that I think it deserves all the praise I’ve read/heard about it … I thought the abundance of teary-eyed confessions were a little over-the-top at times.

On the other hand, I found myself thoroughly enjoying Judd Nelson's and Anthony Michael Hall’s portrayals … And I couldn’t keep from smiling during the dance sequence, which I thought was arguably the highlight of the film.

I’ve had “Don’t You Forget About Me” looping in my head ever since.

(Update 08.12.2009: Molly Ringwald has an excellent piece at The New York Times: The Neverland Club.)

Here's the trailer ...

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