Favre: Purple people feeder

... So Brett Favre signed with the Minnesota Vikings yesterday. He's coming back ... again.

I watched the wires and tweets with great interest yesterday morning as the news trickled in ... And then last night got a kick as the local TV stations -- as usual -- parked themselves on camera shots of an empty podium and babbled about the latest comeback ...

Finally, at about 5:45, Favre stepped up to mic and spoke; we ate our dinner and watched the history unfold ...

A few lingering thoughts ...

I still love Brett Favre and I probably always will. His 16 years with the Packers were thrilling and memorable ... Sure, there were times he drove us nuts with his interceptions, but those ups and downs are part of sports.

I really admire his guts and has passion to keep playing, and I believe him when he says his decision to sign with the Vikings isn't about getting revenge on the Packers. It's about wanting to play football.

Though, I did love the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's headline: "The Ego Has Landed."

I can't see him doing well in the Metrodome. He's notorious for his poor performances in domed stadiums.

And his arm? C'mon. He's 39 and coming off surgery, and now it's been revealed he has a torn rotator cuff. We saw how he crumbled down the stretch with the Jets last year; I think he'll be lucky if he makes it through this season.

Judging the comments showed from Vikings players on "Sportscenter" this morning, it doesn't appear his teammates are exactly thrilled he's joined the team.

Mark Schlereth said on "Sportscenter" this morning what I was already thinking: "No team is one player away from going to the Super Bowl." There are too many factors that go into a 16-game NFL season and the playoffs for anyone to be pegging the Vikings as a Super Bowl team just because they've signed Favre.

I'm calling it now -- The Vikings won't be in the Super Bowl this season with Brett Favre.

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