The mourning after

Yeah, we watched the Packers game last night. Wore our Packers pride and cheered our hearts out ...

And lost.

Not a whole lot you can do.

Plaxico Burress played the game of his life. And Eli Manning is finally playing consistently well ...

The Packers didn't establish a running game, and gave up on it way too early ...

It was a game of missed opportunities. Fumbles the Packers had right under their grips and didn't pick up. Balls that should have been intercepted when they sailed over a Giants receiver and dropped in front of four guys in green and yellow closing in on the receiver ...

The Packers watched two missed field goals by the Giants, and still couldn't capitalize ... Given all that had happened -- and hadn't happened -- you knew Lawrence Tynes was destined to hit that winning field goal -- whether it was 47 yards or 77 yards. Another classic championship game ending.

On the bright side ... It was a fantastically-fun season, which few people could have seen coming at this time last year. Brett Favre recaptured some of his old magic, and we discovered some new fan favorites too in Ryan Grant and that dazzling receiving core ... And Last week's "Snow Globe" game was the perfect ride before the crash.

Just like the Brewers so-close-but-not-close-enough season.

Course, me being the superstitious sports fan, I'm finding excuses all over the place ... The Packers being on the cover of Sports Illustrated last week. The fact Kates and I wore our Packers sweatshirts today -- after we hadn't worn them the entire season. The fact that my office prepared and reserved an extra batch of Packers material to last through the Super Bowl...


Nope, not a whole lot you can do.

Except get into rooting for the Jayhawks. And remembering that pitchers and catchers report in a few weeks.

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