Sleep deprivation

So awhile ago Kates and I picked up something about how you’re supposed to avoid sleeping on your back during pregnancy. Because it compromised the baby or something …

And I’ve been paranoid about it ever since.

Each night as we’ve settled in to bed, she lays on her side and I wrap my arms around her, so as to hold her in place and keep her from rolling onto her back.

Well, last night Kates went to bed by herself, while I stayed up late to get some work done … and when I came to bed, there Kates was, lying flat on her back.

I got into bed, rolled up next to her … and proceeded to try moving her on to her side. I tried poking her. I tried nudging her. I tried pushing her legs. Anything I could do to get her to roll over …

So then I couldn’t sleep. Great! I put our baby in jeopardy because I didn’t come to bed earlier, I thought. I tossed and turned for a solid 20 minutes before giving into the notion that Kates wasn’t budging … and I had just wrecked our baby.

Then, all of a sudden, she rolled on to her side! Like a cat, I flipped over and wrapped my arm around her to hold her on her side.

… Only to wake up in the middle of the night and find her on her back again … Dang it! I sighed. I started blaming myself for not holding on to her tightly enough and allowing her to fall on to her back again.

Ah, but tonight, I can rest a little easier. We did some research and it turns out Kates can sleep in whatever position she wants

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