Federal grand jury indicts Bonds

This just in ...


The news -- actually e-mail alerts -- rushed through our newsroom tonight like a California wildfire. I was working on another project when my cohort Laura read the headline out loud from the alert that popped on her screen ...

"Are you serious!?" I shouted.

She nodded.

My arms shot in the air as though I'd just watched the Cubs win the World Series. I'd been waiting years for that moment ...

Friends started calling and e-mailing me with the news. I started calling and e-mailing friends too.

I spent almost the entire ride home from the office smiling. And my mind was racing. What team could possibly sign Barry after this? What is Major League Baseball going to do? Will he be stripped of the record? Suspended? Banned from baseball?

All questions that will be answered in the coming days and weeks I'm sure.

... I'm going to rest easy tonight.

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Anonymous said...

It's wrong to take so much joy in the pain of others. Well, usually it is.
1 - Would you vote for Bonds to be in the Hall?
2 - Will bonds make the Hall?

Verification "word": shbsb (sounds like "hit by pitch stolen bases")