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Rock chalk Bear-hawks!

That was my mantra over the weekend.

My beloved Bearcats were back in the D-II playoffs, seeded No. 2 and playing for the right to go to their third straight title game. On Saturday they were up against West Texas

And! …

My beloved Kansas Jayhawks, after years of football futility, were ranked No. 2 in the nation and taking on the No. 3 Missouri Tigers in what was arguably the game of the year …

Saturday morning I dressed in my Bearcat green sweatshirt and donned my blue and red KU cap. I was set.

At noon, I tuned in on the Internet radio for the Bearcats game, live from Bearcat Stadium (It’s just D-II, folks. It may not be on TV, but it’s still darn good football, and it just feels a bit cooler having to listen to it on Internet radio ... sort of like the days before TV existed. Yet, it's the Internet. Hence, the 'sort of' part …) … It was never a contest, the ’Cats scored on their first three possessions of the game and came out of the first quarter leading 21-7. Both teams scored twice in the second quarter, but the Bearcats scored 14 more in the third while holding West Texas scoreless. The final was 56-28.

And here's hoping I’ve got two more weekends of cheering on the Bearcats in a civil, smart playoff system. Don’t even get me started on the BCS …

Later Saturday night, with Mom & Pops here for the night and after a tasty dinner out-on-the-town, we settled in for the Jayhawks game, live from another one of our old neighbors -- Arrowhead Stadium.

Unfortunately, that game was never a contest either -- in favor of the wrong team. The Jayhawks were buried by a load of defensive miscues and missed tackles. I fell asleep for the third quarter. Woke up for the fourth. By that time Kansas had jump-started its offense, but it was much too late … Final: 36-28, in favor of the hated Tigers.


* * *

Last week I went to one of the local Goodwill stores to donate some books and things Kates and I were getting rid of …

And while I‘m in the area, I thought … It never hurts to take a gander and what’s available for purchase, too.

There on the front row of the records rack was the historic recording! of (cue angel chorus ... ) “We Are the World.”

… There it was, the LP in near-mint condition. With nine previously unreleased songs by nine superstars (of 1985, of course). A fold out of full-color pictures and the humbling liner notes detailing the “state of permanent crisis,” the “stark realities” and the “tragic formula” plaguing Africa. And the ways that the lucky buyer of this record could help -- No. 1 being “Buy the single, album, video …”

I seized it. 99 cents.

It’s all about the chase.

* * *

So the baby’s been starting to kick a lot …

Yesterday Kates and I were looking over a book of names and their meanings … The baby was moving a lot at the time. Must’ve knew we were talking about her / him …

I asked about the meaning for [suggested middle name of possible boy] …

“It’s not in here,” Kates said, paging through the book.

“What!?” I screamed in my goofy David Letterman sort-of-way. “What!?” I did it twice for good measure.

Kates puts her hand on her belly, looks toward it and says, “Don’t worry you’re Daddy freaks out every once in a while. It’s OK.”

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