Pulling a Madden

... So, over the weekend, Kates and I caught up on a lot of shows we'd recorded on the DVR, including the entire week's worth of Letterman shows and his much-hyped impressionist week ... Woo hoo!

Thursday night's guest on Letterman was the great and HA-larious Frank Caliendo. And he started his routine with some of his famous John Madden-isms, illustrating how Madden has a knack for regularly stating the obvious ...

Fast forward to tonight as Kates and I finished watching our regular Sunday night programming. I flipped over to NBC to catch what was left of the Chargers-Broncos game just as Madden was looking at a replay and saying this: "Either it's going to be a touchdown or it's an incomplete pass."

Kates and I immediately burst out laughing. John Madden. Stating the obvious.

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