Fa la la la ... blah!

... Some of the radio stations have already begun playing Christmas music.


Now, I've been known to occassionally pull out a good-sounding Christmas album in, say, June. But when hit music stations completely abandon their formats and begin playing Big Crosby, The Carpenters and the Beach Boys Christmas catalogs in early November -- and nothing else for the next three months -- as if they've come back from the dead and regained their primes ... that's just not right ...

... And while we're talking about radio ... I was driving during my lunch break today and the radio station I was listening to -- which wasn't playing Christmas music, thankfully -- played Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" and then Rianna's "SOS" back-to back ... It was quite amusing to me because "SOS" is a ripoff of "Tainted Love" ... and I can't stand Rianna.

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