Sunday reading

Some of the reads that caught my eye during the past week ...

In TV ...
a ‘Grey’s’ actor as busy as a medical intern
a TV theme songs are practically a lost art ... darn right! I have a huge collection of them on my iPod, which can make for some fun road trips ...
a The People's Republic of YouTube
a 'Friday Night Lights' is on the ropes ... Frankly, I hardly care. Weren't a book and movie enough? ... and if NBC is so giddy about this "splendid for-all-ages, family friendly show," why did it kill of the gem they had in "American Dreams" ... I'm just asking ...
a 'Heroes' separates from the pack to find its own way
a It's gonna get really ugly in TV land
a "Studio 60's" fictional focus on ratings is becoming a real-life scenario at NBC ... pretty much.
a Couric needs some urgency ... ditto.
a Bob Newhart covers his life, career, comed in book ... I love Bob Newhart.

In Music ...
a First Beatles remix is set for release ... looking forward to it!
a Who knew? The Who returning at end of October with first album in 24 years

The World Series ...
a Trammell sings praises of Leyland
a Fired Trammell insists he’s proud, not spiteful
a '84 Tigers reflect with pride on achievements of '06 team
a Tigers have shot at emulating 1984 World Series champions
a Detroit Tigers would like to recapture magic of '84 World Series team
a Tigers' success a novelty for younger generation
a Cards might as well go all the way
a Cards Straggle Into Detroit for Series
a Leyland and La Russa Downplay Friendship

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