The Tigers had the game tonight ... they totally had it ...

Then the seventh-inning slip in the outfield by Granderson, the bad throw by Rodney (... saw that one coming from a thousand miles away ...) and Monroe's oh-so-close dive at that line drive ...


If history is right (... in the previous Tigers-Cardinals series the winner of Game 4 lost the series, and the Cardinals haven't been so lucky in seven games series ...) here's hoping Leyland can rally his troops and get the series back to Detroit ...

* * *

... Would the writers just shut the book already on Kenny Rogers hand in Game 2?

Good Lord.

... There is no controversey. The cameras zoomed in on his hand in the first inning and spotted the goop on his palm. La Russa immediately went to the umpires between innings and asked them to check it out. They did. Rogers washed it off without question and proceeded to blow away every Cardinals batter after that ... It was over and done. No issue.

Move on people.

That's my two cents. I'm done.

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