The reality Bee

Seriously. How cool was it last night watching Katharine Close and the rest of the gang compete in the annual Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee!?!?

... I mean I've caught clips of it on ESPN here and there over the years, but watching it live last night on ABC ...it was TOTALLY reality TV at its best!! Kates graded papers while I sat next to her on the couch, watching intently. We hung on every word, cheering and groaning with each little speller that stepped to the mic. Oh, the tension ... Although I had little Katharine pegged from the beginning as a strong favorite, I, of course, was also cheering for the girl from my hometown Olathe, and Kates, of course, cheered hard for the kid from Lincolnshire. ... and then when Saryn Hooks was called out for supposedly misspelling her word and then! reinstated after the commercial break because of judges error -- heart-thumping suspense and drama, I tellya!

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