Game #3

…After years of anticipation and months of planning, the deck construction finally got underway this weekend, but I had to cut out for a few hours this afternoon to go play ball.

Or not.

We had 15 guys show up for our team today. So, considering the way I’ve played the first two games, I was hardly surprised when Coach didn’t call my name as one of the starters. And even when the rules allow for all of your players to bat even if they’re not in the field, I didn’t even get to the plate until the bottom of the sixth. … For the record, I had an 3-0 count and then took a perfect pitch for strike one. I swung and missed for strike two, and then got jammed on the next pitch and hit a soft floater that (I think) bounced in front of the pitcher, who threw me out at first …

I got into right field for the final three innings, but never had a ball hit to me. Which was probably a good thing -- again, considering the way I’ve played so far.

And we actually held the lead, 4-3, going into the ninth. The team we were playing also had an 0-2 record, so the prospect of us notching a win was good. … Until we made a bunch of stupid errors and gave up five runs in the top of the ninth.

In the bottom of the ninth, one of our guys led off with a single. …and then Coach put on the steal with one of our better hitters at the plate. Runner was thrown out -- and then touched off an entertaining little shouting match between Coach and the batter, who by the way are brothers. Our batter was just a tad upset his bro sent the runner when we’re down four runs in the ninth and he -- being a good hitter -- was at the plate.

…Needless to say, we got one run across the plate and a couple more runners on base. But the game ended with the score 8-5 and me, signifying the tying run, on deck.

We lost. Again. Our record is now 0-3 … I’m still batting .000 in four official at bats (five plate appearances). One walk. Two strikeouts. One run scored.

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