Good reads

a O'Brien on track to build Reds, just a year late ... Yeah, they're good. But they also have a knack for fading, and I don't think they'll be able to keep it up ...Surely the Astros or Cardinals will find a way to take the NL Central.

a 'Grey's Anatomy's' Morgan sees his career reborn after Denny dies ... Fine. But pllleeeeeease don't even think about a resurection on Grey's. As if the psycho-Izzy finale wasn't far enough out of left field and insane, it was a mistake to let Denny live much more than two episodes ...

a Clarkson makes time for new album, tour ... I've never watched a second of 'American Idol.' And I want no part of it, really. The way I percieve it, it's just Simon and his cronies picking and choosing the most attractive wannabe pop-stars in hopes that some record company can make a few fast bucks off 'em. It's not real music to me. But I could be proven wrong ... Bring up Kelly Clarkson, however, and you've got my ears. Again, never saw her on American Idol. And I didn't care either ... then. Now -- since the moments I first heard/saw 'Since U Been Gone' on VH1 -- you can rank her among one of my favorite artists. She's spunky, down-to-Earth, and oh so fun to watch ... which is a big reason I added her video to the sidebar of this site. That, and the first time I saw the video a couple months back conjured up visions of me dancing in my bathroom just like the people featured in the video. (and those of you who know me well are totally smiling, nodding and saying, 'yep, that's Horns ...')

a The Pictures Worth 4 Million Smackeroos ... one word: insane. When I first heard this one on the radio the other day my jaw dropped. ... and then I thought, I hope People barely sells a copy ... it's a dang baby photo!!!!!!!!

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