Spring fever

So I drove to work today amid bright sunshine, smiles, only a slight chill and feeling as though spring was about to begin ...

I got into my office, started up my computer and got settled into my work area. Barely two minutes had passed when a cohort groaned and several of us looked out the window to see GIANT SNOWFLAKES FALLING FROM THE SKY!

You've GOT to be kidding me.

I mean I've heard about this lake effect snow, but this is crazy. ... It continued ALL MORNING LONG. And I was insane enough to drive home for lunch in the whiteout that had become our poor, tortured city. ... All the while there were reports of sunshine and NO snow just miles away.

... and by the time I returned to work about an hour later, the sun was shining brightly as if we were returning to the tropics again.

Crazy, indeed.

* * *
My cohorts and I were happy to learn today that Mike Tirico, Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser will be anchoring the new (and probably not-so-improved) ESPN version of 'Monday Night Football' ... actually we all agreed we're more happy that Stuart Scott and his -yo-yo homey jargon won't be part of the new MNF. ...It was unanimous. We can't stand him and he's a big reason we don't watch 'Sportscenter as much as we used to.

Seriously? ESPN made a smooth move by putting Kornheiser -- one of my absolute, all-time favorite writers for years -- in the booth.

Plus, it gives Al Michaels a chance to reunite with John Madden for what should be a promising new era of Sunday night football on NBC.

* * *
A few observations of tonight's Grammys ...

... Best moment of the night: Kelly Clarkson's tearful acceptance after her win for 'Since U Been Gone' Hey, my eyes welled up too. ... 'She's like a real person,' Kates said. ...'And that's why she's so likable,' I followed.

...Was it just me or did Alison Krauss look stoned as she and her band accepted their award for best country album?

... I still don't get all the hype about John Legend and his 'Ordinary People' ... Although, he got some points from me for being so cool and humble during his acceptance speech.

... The all-star tribute to Sly & The Family Stone was, well, pitiful ... except for Ciarra and Marroon 5's slick performance of 'Everyday People.'

... Kanye West and Jamie Foxx's performance -- drum, bugle corps., and all -- was awesomely entertaining. But why the heck was Foxx not singing his Ray Charles hook?

And Bono's acceptance speech after U2 took the album of the year honor was the classiest speech of the night. ... very nice.

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