As for the first half...

...7-3, Steelers lead at the half ... even though I think the replay of Roethlisberger's touchdown run showed he didn't quite make it in and it should be 3-0, Seahawks ...check that. The offensive pass interference call on the Seahawks in the end zone early on was a cheap call. 10-0 Seahawks.

Best play so far: There haven't been many -- but I give it to Roethlisberger's scramble-then-look-for the-line-of-scrimmage-and-throw 37-yard pass to Hines Ward.

The roll-call of Super Bowl MVPs during the pre game... chilling, and lots of memories.

Best commercials so far:
a Full Throttle Energy Drink -- 'Let Your Man Out'
a FedEx -- The Caveman
aThe Budweiser commercials -- they're all good, as always. But my favorite -- 'The Super Fan'
a Mobile ESPN -- 'Sports Heaven' ...how could your jaw not drop at the sight of that guy walking among all those athletes -- from every spec of the sports world -- whizzing by!
a CareerBuilder.com -- The Monkees ... classic!
a Lost highlights -- set to Robert Palmer's 'Might as well face it you're addicted to Lost...'

And the Rolling Stones halftime performance? ... They may be old, but they can still play.

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