Still a bit blurry

It goes without saying, these last few days have been a blur.

If you think burglaries mean just a few missing things here and there, and then you get over it -- let me set you straight. We’re not just talking here about the emotions and feelings you go through of being violated, and the stolen memories, and the new fear you experience every time you leave your home. … it’s also the inventorying of all your most valuable possessions and documenting everything for insurance purposes, and taking care of the property damage, and taking every security measure you can think of to deter it from happening again …

Yes, we now have palm-sized alarms attached to every one of our basement windows ($1 each at Menards), and a handful of ADT security stickers stuck to the most visible windows of our home ($30 on eBay).

The prominent ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign may be soon appearing in our front window as well.

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