Snow, snow, doh!

We’ve had high enough temperatures and sun the last few days to rival an average spring day in Florida. Heck, I was ready to go out and begin preparing our yard for planting season .

Kates tried to tell me, ‘nope. We live in Wisconsin. It’s only January. We’ll have another snowstorm before winter’s over…’

Blah, blah, blah, is what I heard. January, Schmanuary, I said.

And yesterday morning as I drove to work, I laughed when the radio woman said we could expect 4-6 inches of snow starting in the afternoon …Seriously. They’ve been predicting batten-down-the hatches blizzards all winter. And NONE have happened …

Then we woke up this morning to this …

We got at least eight inches. And our street looked more like a war zone, with big branches down all over the place …

I hate snow. Except when it first arrives, and it’s glowing-white-pretty. Then I want it all to be gone by the time I wake up for the next day.

Here’s hoping.

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