See ya Mike Sherman …

I’m not so much surprised that it happened as much as I am that it happened so fast …Then again half the coaches in the NFL were fired today -- or so it seems.

I caught the headline on the Internet this morning about as fast as the folks at MSN could post it. Course, I gasped and shouted it to the co-workers sitting around me …

And in grand Wisconsin fashion -- because the Packers for some odd reason transcend LIFE around here -- virtually every news station in the state tonight has made it their top story (never mind the coal mine explosion in West Virginia, an ice rink that collapsed in Germany, a war in Iraq, the monsoon-like weather today and other more pressing issues …) … Ugh. Every station is speculating who the next head coach will be as if the official announcement will come tomorrow, and the local Fox station even has a phone-in poll asking viewers whether Sherman’s firing will affect Brett Favre’s decision to retire. Double ugh.

I hate it when news people jump on stories and over-analyze them like there‘s no tomorrow, when it will take days, even weeks, for the story to develop. … Yes, all these issues are pertinent and questions should be answered. But don’t suffocate me with them.

Here’s what I think: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The Packers need to begin rebuilding and Sherman’s just the start …After learning of Sherman’s firing today, I mentioned to a co-worker that I thought Favre was more of a problem this season than Sherman. She agreed, but added that Sherman didn’t exactly appear to be coaching Favre either, as in encouraging him to take better care of the ball or convincing him he didn’t have to do EVERYTHING. ‘Good point, that’s true,’ I said. …Favre did nothing wrong in a lot of people’s eyes this season, and that’s too bad.

So I continue -- Favre should retire. Never mind all the decimating injuries. Forget about the lack of an offensive line. Despite a decent performance yesterday, Favre plain didn’t get it done this year. He’s 36 years old and there’s no denying he’s lost some steps … But the thing that irked me for most of the season were the repeated soundbites from Favre saying that he needed to be the playmaker and makes things happen. Now I‘m no quarterback, but as far as I know, you can’t make plays by blindly launching the ball into triple coverage every time a 300-pound lineman starts running at you. You can be a playmaker and lead the team by protecting the ball, taking the sack when you have to and then capitalizing when the time is right.

Favre’s had better days than what we saw this season. Let’s savor those memories and hope he doesn’t overwrite more of them by deciding to play again next year.

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In better, more exciting news: I watched the Bulls/Bucks game tonight … It’s good to see my boy Kirk Hinrich doing so well with the Bulls …. Too bad Chicago couldn’t pull it out. Ah, but the Bucks are a good team too. Darn good game.

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