Holy Hail Mary!

Kates and I didn't get to watch last night's Packers game.

As we settled into bed, it didn't look good for Green Bay. No surprise, considering the way they've played the second half of this season.

When I checked in on Twitter just before going to sleep, Aaron Rodgers had just thrown a touchdown pass to bring the Packers within striking distance at 14-20. I learned this morning they were down by as much as 0-20 in the first half.


I'm sitting at the dining table with Phoebe and Faye this morning, eating breakfast and checking email. A tweet pops up on my TweetDeck suggesting the Packers won the game ...

Wait. What?

On a Hail Mary.

You have got to be kidding me.

I helped the girls finish getting ready, got them to school and then found the video of the play as soon as I could after I got to my office.


Later in the morning, I walked into a meeting with a fellow Wisconsin native and Packers fan who also headed to bed last night before the game was over, only to wake up to this morning's news. Talk of the outcome dominated the conversation as our colleagues joined us in the room.

I think this tweet pretty much sums up how Packers fans were feeling today.

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