The American Way of Birth ... and Bieber

So I caught this headline in The New York Times over the weekend ... 


We had the luxury of having very good health insurance when Phoebe was born.

With Faye, not so much. A year later and we're still paying off the debt we incurred during her birth.

In other news ...

As we drove through Iowa yesterday afternoon, on the way home from our vacation, an SUV passed us with a proclamation scrawled on its rear window that read "Wisconsin is coming for you Bieber!"


Later, as I settled in last night, I began taking notice of some of the Twitter chatter that confirmed the one and only Justin Bieber was performing in Des Moines. And he was running a bit late.

Curious, I clicked on the review this morning to read the full story. Frankly, I think his music is terrible and he's got a lot of growing up to do ...

But as a father of daughters, I look forward to the day, as the reviewer wrote ...
I’m a 34-year-old dad. For now my daughter happily listens to whatever we play for her. But I know that in 10 years I might be at a concert like this, not because it’s my job, but because my daughter wants to see the show more than anything in the world. The music snob in me hopes that never happens, but the realist in me knows it’s likely. Everyone has a Justin Bieber in their life. For some it was N’Sync, for others New Kids, or Leif Garrett, or The Monkees. It’s an important period in every kid’s life. 

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