A mid-summer classic

With all of the distractions off the field this season -- Biogenesis, the debate about renovations to Wrigley -- and lack of winning by my teams -- the Cubs and Brewers are terrible -- I'm not finding a whole lot to stake to my archive of baseball memories lately.

Even the All-Star Game seems to be more of a chore as the years go by. With both managers on a mission to play every player who makes the team and MLB's tinkering to draw more attention to the game, it doesn't seem to hold the charm it once did. Blame it on the cynicism that comes with my aging and experience. 

I watched the Home Run Derby Monday night. As usual, I was rooting for Prince Fielder, but that didn't work out this year. So thank you ESPN for finally teaching me how to pronounce Yoenis Cespedes' name.

And I'll remember Tuesday night's All-Star Game for three things ...

Prince Fielder's triple. I watched him leg out extra bases again and again as a member of the Brewers, and the big man showed off his base-running skill again Tuesday ...

And Mariano Rivera's final All-Star Game appearance. Truthfully, I've never been a huge Mariano fan, but the spectacle of the game and the response he drew from the New York crowd was pretty awesome.

Watching this year's festivities also brought back some good memories of my glorious fun in Kansas City last year.

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