The Super Bowl ... and those commercials

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens on winning the Super Bowl ... But, boy, was I breathless during the second half, hoping the 49ers would finish the comeback after that crazy power outage.

Good game, good game.

a It's John over Jim in HarBowl
a Reasons for defeat lost on 49ers’ Harbaugh
a Joe Flacco drops f-bomb during Super Bowl ... Yep. Totally heard it, along with the s-word during the same exchange.

We enjoyed watching the game, and the commercials, and Beyonce's big halftime show with friends.

Add to that, we enjoyed watching each other's kids -- 11 girls, three boys, all under age 10 -- romping around in a basement playroom as we sat in comfortable lawn chairs and watched the broadcast on a big screen projection system.

a Beyoncé Silences Doubters With Intensity at Halftime
a Beyonce puts a Super Bowl ring on it
a Beyonce Rocks Super Bowl Halftime Show With Destiny's Child

There were certainly moments of the game I missed, and commercials I didn't see. In fact, we had just boarded our car and were about to head home when the power went out in the Superdome, only to discover what had happened when we were back in our own house and turned on the game. (Funniest Super Bowl power outage tweets)

But after a little bit of catch-up and surfing the interwebs this morning to see what I might have missed, here are my favorites ... For the record, I think critics are being a little harsh and this year's batch of ads was pretty entertaining.

Here's a look at the best and worst.

My favorite commercial, hands-down, was the Hyundai Sonata turbo ad.

Another big winner, for me, was Dodge Ram's "So God Made a Farmer."

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