Super Sunday

I'm not super psyched for the Super Bowl today. All of the teams I would have been excited to watch and cheered for were knocked out -- the Packers, Peyton Manning's Broncos, the Patriots. ...

Nontheless, I'll be rooting tonight for the 49ers. I like their storyline, and I have a soft spot for them, having grown up watching the great 49ers teams of the 1980s.

So there's that. And seeing what kind of show Beyonce puts on after Inaugura-gate. ... I'm looking forward to a rousing performance of "Single Ladies."

Here's some good reads that caught my interest during the Super Bowl run-up ...
a Brett Favre says during his NFL Network visit 'there is no ill feelings' regarding Aaron Rodgers
a Donald Driver, retiring after 14 seasons, didn't want to play for anyone but Packers
a A 49ers Lineman Really Does Feel All the Weight of His Position
a Whatever the route, 49ers coach charts course for victory, just as he did as a quarterback
a Joe Flacco doesn’t provide flash, just wins
a 49ers’ Randy Moss calls himself best receiver ever
a The Harbaugh Who Did Not Last in Baltimore
a Harbaughs Set to Meet Biggest Fan: Each Other
a Pressure? Niners Were 5-0 in Super Bowls With Montana and Young

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