Oh, Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy made big news this week. ... Check out this video of the hurricane rolling in.

New Jersey is practically gone.

The presidential campaign is in flux. ... Mitt Romney had no choice but to follow Obama and pull off the campaign trail, or look like a fool. And yet, Obama, in a way, is still very much continuing his campaign as he responds to the crisis, as he is expected to do. He and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are suddenly pals, and all the momentum Romney had in these final weeks is dissipating thanks to Sandy.

Then, there's the story of that dangling crane.

Still, amid the chaos, there's two side stories that I may remember most ...

All of the falsehoods being passed around social media as the storm was brewing and in its aftermath, particularly the image of guards at the Tomb of the Unknowns. (For the record, I didn't bite on any of the false images. ...C'mon, people, do your research before you retweet that stuff.)

And Monday's Late Show With David Letterman. ... One of the weirdest, eeriest television experiences I've ever had. To see Dave on his set, doing a show and surrounded by a skeleton production crew, and a theater of empty seats. Here's EW's recap. ... And here's another, along with some of Jimmy Fallon's shown, on which he also played to no audience.

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