Disney acquires Lucasfilm

When I saw the first tweet pop up, I shrugged it off as some kind of joke.

There's going to be a Star Wars Episode 7. The lights just went out on your childhood.
Then more appeared, and soon after it was confirmed.
Breaking: Disney acquiring Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion; deal will give Disney ownership of the "Star Wars" franchise, more.
In short, I love the Star Wars films. Like almost every other American boy who grew up in the '80s, I always have. And I pray that Disney doesn't scar the franchise.

I also hope the new films build on the heritage and stories of the previous six films. Some appearances by the original actors would be awesome. ... I wince at the reports of Disney making the films with entirely new storylines.

All we can do now is hold our breath for 2015. ... As always, EW has it t covered and is all over the speculation game.

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