Phoebe discovers E.T.

So we introduced Phoebe to the world of E.T. tonight.

Kates and I were around the same age Phoebe is now when the film was in theaters. Although I didn’t see it until late in my childhood, Kates saw it in the theater with family and friends. There’s a story often told in our family circle about that day and how well Kates understood what was happening on the screen.

Phoebe was enthralled from the moment we pressed play. Her questions and observations were constant throughout the movie.
“He can talk!”
“He said, ‘Phone home!’”
“Is it Halloween?”
“What are the bad people doing?”
“Why is it zipped up?”
“Is Elliott going with him?”
There were moments she cheered. And moments she huddled close to Kates in fear.

And when it was over, Phoebe jumped off the couch with a smile and exclaimed …

“I like that movie!”

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