Best news of the day?

Kansas City is getting an Ikea!

I learned the news from a friend's Facebook post this morning. What!? I replied. ... And then, as I scrolled further through my Facebook newsfeed, more friends were sharing the good news. It was big news at lunch today, too, during a baby shower for one of my co-workers.

Kates and I have been dreaming of this day since we left our local Ikea behind in Chicagoland and moved to the center of the country. It was almost unfathomable that Ikea was not here.

Interestingly, here I am, writing this post on one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house -- an Ikea work table. I'm unbelievably excited and not sure I can wait until 2014, but we'll make it work.

And all I can think about is those classic Ikea commercials.

And the fact that commercials like those will soon be airing in the Kansas City metro area makes me very happy. 

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