Too hot to fall

A year ago today our small town nearly blew away.

Today: Sunny and hot. We’re in the midst of a drought and the only substantial rain we’ve seen this summer happened to fall during our summer vacation.

I spent most of today working in our yard. Bliss for me, though it felt more like I was cleaning up for the fall because the drought has killed nearly all our outdoor plants and browned our lawn. There’s little left to care for.

With Phoebe’s help, I finished some stone edging around a new flower garden on the side of our house. I gave Phoebe a how-to about gardening, and she entertained me with a little song while she moved dirt with a spade shovel.

You can dig a hole.
Dig, dig, dig every day.

I mowed our sorry brown, dried-out lawn for what is very likely to be the last time this season and cleaned up some dead brush and dried up flowers.

Better luck next year?

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