Music break

I’ve been listening to Nickel Creek almost non-stop this week. And I. just. can’t. break. the spell.

Over the last couple years the trio has become one of my go-to bands during stressful times. And it’s been one of those weeks.

Here’s hoping their hiatus doesn’t last much longer.

Worth watching and hearing …
This Side and Speak.

* * *

We have a new favorite song in our household.

“Good Time” by Owl City, featuring the one and only Carly Rae Jepsen.

It’s so fitting. With Phoebe's help, Owl City has inspired dozens of memorable sing-alongs and dance parties in our house. And Carly Rae nabbed Gotye’s hold on the “it” song with her summer smash, “Call Me Maybe” (Remember, this song was so hot, everybody from Cookie Monster to the U.S. swimming team was spinning it.)

I heard “Good Time” for the first time a few weeks ago and was hooked after one listen. I played it for Phoebe and Kates that night and hooked them, too. Then it was all over NBC’s promos for the Today Show during the Olympics.

Phoebe calls it “The Camping Song.” Watch the video and you’ll understand why.

* * *

The honorable mention for recent hits goes to Fun’s “Some Nights,” which has me lamenting the missed opportunity to see them at Summerfest this year.

Plus, I love the take WTMXwhich remains a staple of my morning routine, thanks to the wonders of internet streaming – had on the song. Watch.

* * *

Oh, but there’s another song rising fast for the fall.

Check out Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It’s got an Avril Lavigne vibe with sort of a Kelly Clarkson pop-rock hook. I love it.

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