The university showed “Moneyball” tonight as part of its Summer Movie Series. I waited for months to see this film, and there’s not a lot of things that would have kept me from going.

Kates joined me. And we took Faye with us, too; it was officially her first movie. … We left Phoebe home with a sitter. After a mighty tantrum, I might add, because she refused to try an out-of-this-world chicken and rice dinner that a friend prepared for us tonight.

Anyway …

“Moneyball” is a brilliant film. It’s no wonder it was nominated for Best Picture this year. And that’s not only because the movie depicts the brilliance of Billy Beane.

Much of the film's greatness is delivered in its slow pace and dialogue. From scenes depicting scouting meetings to the clubhouse to the front offices. It’s not so much about the baseball being played on the field as it is about the planning and strategizing that goes on behind the scenes. It has Aaron Sorkin's handprints all over it.

Even better to witness is the chemistry between Brad Pitt, as the brash and snarky Billy Beane, and Jonah Hill, as Beane’s brainy assistant Peter Brand.

Being the baseball fan I am, it was fascinating to me. Even more so because I remember the real life story playing out.

But you don’t have to be a baseball fan or know the story to enjoy “Moneyball.” Ask Kates.

The only beef I have about the film is the portrayal of Beane's daughter as an aspring songwriter who wrote "The Show." The facts are that it's a popular pop song by Lenka, released in 2008, six years after the action in “Moneyball” took place.

Not that I believe for a second that everything in the movie is factual. Peter Brand is, after all, a fictional character loosely based on Beane's real-life assistants. ... For the record, I haven't read the book. Yet.

Either way, “Moneyball” is a baseball movie I'd be pleased to add to my collection some day.

Here’s the trailer … I just got chills watching it again.

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