Fun with friends

Beginning where I left off on my previous post

Ray, Leah and their 2-year-old, Audrey arrived Wednesday afternoon for their first-ever visit to The ‘Ville. And it was good.

Once they were settled, we loaded the kids in their strollers and hoped to take a walking tour of the university campus. There were some dark clouds looming, but I remained optimitistic we could complete a tour before the rains came.

We traveled about a quarter of the way down our block as the clouds darkened in the west. Then some thunder rumbled nearby.

“Retreat! Retreat!” Leah shouted, and we promptly turned around the strollers to return to our house.
We had barely stepped inside when the sky let loose with rain, though it only lasted a few minutes.

* * *

Wednesday night, after the kids were in bed, we got a 10 o’clock craving for ice cream. So I was dispatched to the local Dairy Queen with a set of Blizzard orders.

At the Dairy Queen, the lights were on and cars were still in the parking lot. We’re good to go, I thought. … Then I sat in the drive-thru for five minutes only to have a girl come on the speaker to say, “Uh, we’re closed.”


So, I headed to the Sonic across the street, called Kates and took orders for Blasts instead. I waited another 10 minutes for someone to take my order there.

By the time, I returned home, the craving was all but gone.

* * *

Thursday morning, we took Faye to the hospital for her one-week checkup.

All went well and she remains a healthy little girl, although her birth weight was down to 6 pounds, 8 ounces. So we have an assignment this week to get her back to her birth weight and have her checked again next week.

Back at the house, Leah had taken Phoebe and Audrey for some play time in our back yard. They were playing in the sandbox when it began raining again.

Leah shouted, “Let’s dance in the rain!”

“Well, my mom’s going to be mad,” Phoebe replied.

“Let’s dance some more!” Leah shouted.

* * *

We hit Pagliai’s, a favorite local pizza joint, for lunch Thursday and then a garage sale.

Thursday night, I attended the final session of my latest graduate course. Three courses down, four more to go.

From class, I headed to my softball games. Games, as in two of them. A good old-fashioned doubleheader.

I went 1-for-5 in the first game. Aside from my ground ball single, the balls I hit for outs soared off my bat, but all of them were caught deep in the outfield. Although, two of my outs were RBI-sacrifice flies. So that's something.

In the second game, I sat the first two innings before coming off the bench and slapped a liner to center field that scored a run and helped us put the game away with the 15-run rule.

We’ve won five in a row, and we’re on a roll.

* * *

As of this morning, we have the house to ourselves for the first time since Faye was born. Just the four of us. It's a great feeling.

Now we have a solid week together before my parents arrive for a visit next weekend and before I return to work.

We also have gobs of laundry to do, thanks to Ray and Leah bringing us three tubs of clothes, most of which are Phoebe’s old clothes that we loaned to them for Audrey. I'm hardly looking forward to that part of the weekend.

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