Daddy vs. Ursula

So we're watching "The Little Mermaid" and the film reaches its the climax when Ursula causes the storm and traps Ariel in a whirlpool. Phoebe snuggles up to Kates for some protection and this conversation unfolds ...
Kates: She's not very nice, is she?
Phoebe: No ... She's bigger than my dad!
Me: It's ok, Pheebs. I can take her.
Phoebe: Well, you'll have to fight really, really hard.
Kates: Daddy's a boy scout.
Me: That's right. I'll tie her up in knots.
Phoebe: Well, Dora has the rope.
Me: Oh yeah? I'll have to remember that if I ever come up against Ursula.
Phoebe: Well, it's a long way to Dora's house.
Kates: Yeah, and Dora has the map, too.

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