About a boy

So I was at work this evening, wrapping up things in my office when Kates sent me a text.

Oh boy … Phoebe went to play at Gavin’s house for an hour.

Gavin is a boy Phoebe’s age who lives down the street and is in her preschool class. And he’s had a little crush on Phoebe for almost the entire school year. He brought Phoebe a small gift at Christmas time, but for the most part Phoebe’s shown little interest in him until recently.

I replied to Kates’ text.

Oh boy … Oh boy …

The realization of Phoebe going to play at a boy’s house had hit me so hard I could no longer concentrate on my work. Within seconds of the initial text, I called Kates to get more details. … Gavin and his mother had come to our house to ask if Phoebe could play. Kates agreed and let her go for an hour.

“It sounds like you’re more freaked out about this than I am,” Kates said.

And so it begins.

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