Taking our TV time back

I’m shunning my graduate studies tonight. Kates and I are taking our TV time back.

Lately, I’m gaining a deeper understanding of what couples are really saying when they say they don’t watch TV.

When it comes to keeping up with our favorite TV shows, we are waaaaaaaaay behind. Thanks to our TV exploding last fall, our exhausting house hunt and, well, life in general.

We caught up on “The Office” over the summer … And we’ve got a few more episodes of “Modern Family” to burn off before we can start in on Season 3. Favorite scene of Season 6: Phil calling his car the “Cone of trust.” I’m going to start calling my car that.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen a pixel of “Big Bang Theory” or “Grey’s Anatomy” in the last year, which is too bad because I saw a lot of positive reviews. … We saw last season’s premier of “Glee,” and then lost track of the rest of the season, which I’m not as sad about because I’ve read and heard a ton of bad reviews about the last season. I’m not even sure why we’re still holding on. … Yeah, it’s the music.

Last night, we forgot about the season premier of “Sing-Off.” But I’m totally stoked that Sara Bareilles has joined the judges table this year. … We also missed the season premier of the Charlie Sheen-less “Two and a Half Men,” which apparently was huge. The DVR is set now to record them, and we’ll catch up next week.

Tonight, we started with “New Girl” -- the new one starring the adorable and multi-talented Zooey Deschanel. She's one of those actresses who I'll watch no matter what she's appearing in, and I consider it  a travesty that we haven’t taken time yet to watch “500 Days of Summer.” … My expectations were low going in, mostly because, well, when’s the last time Fox produced a really outstanding comedy -- that wasn’t animated? As much as I admire Zooey, my instincts were on. The comedy mostly fell flat, and the premise is predictable: Broken-hearted girl moves in with a group of clueless guys, and one of them develops feelings for her. I’ll keep watching only because it stars the adorable and multi-talented Zooey Deschanel.

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