Feel good time

It’s a gorgeous fall day. The Brewers clinched the National League Central title last night, we’re getting ready for the ‘Cats football game later today, and I bought a copy of Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits on vinyl for a quarter this morning at a flea market.

All is right with my world.

But how ‘bout those Brewers!?

The scene wasn’t as dramatic inside our household as it was when we watched them win it in 2008. Phoebe was already in bed, and Kates was asleep on the couch, so I was left to celebrate by myself -- as quietly as possible so as to not wake anybody. Not so easy, if you know me at all. 

On top of that, I was watching the game online via MLB.com, and the online broadcast always ends with the first commercial break after the game finishes. Thus, I didn’t get to see the Brewers’ celebrate the clinch … The best I could do was switch over to the online broadcast of the Cubs-Cardinals game to see the end of it and then catch all of the highlights on “Baseball Tonight” about an hour later.

Nontheless, I’m basking in the glory of it all this morning. … It could be worse. “Sportscenter” highlights could be my only connection to the Brewers this year. Of course, my discovery of the online game has been a saving grace to the season.

I say that, and then I get the email from the Brewers about the rally at the Summerfest grounds next week. Now I'm sighing and wishing I could be there ...

Phoebe did watch the first two innings of last night's game with me. Really, she only watches for Prince Fielder and Bernie Brewer, and she asks me where they are whenever the camera isn’t on them. So when Prince hit his home run in the second inning -- well, that was a happy moment.

And Ryan Braun's home run to clinch it -- like his home run in 2008 -- may well be the lasting image of the season ... The swing that left no doubt. Holding the bat in the air. Magic. Or, at the least -- let's hope -- the regular season. ... (Though, let's not forget Braun stumbling toward home plate a few weeks ago on a failed inside-the-park home run attempt.)

The Brewers beat blog has a wonderful roundup with stats, photos and video.

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