Summer vacation: Day 8

No Summerfest tonight. Instead just a low-key, relaxing night at the apartment. ... And this vacation just keeps getting better.

Kates and I just finished watching “Julie & Julia.” ... I went into it with lowered expectations, knowing some reviewers and friends who weren't exactly overwhelmed by it. However, I -- as an obsessed and ambitious blogger myself -- really enjoyed it. The dedication and commitment Julie Powell gave to her cooking and blogging is an inspiration. And yet I totally relate to the angst that comes with it. Kates loves cooking, so there was something in the movie for both of us.

I've admired Amy Adams in everything she's done. And Meryl Streep aced her portrayal of Julia Child.

* * *
As for the rest of the day ...

We started with a short breakfast at one of the public markets and then ventured to the Discovery World Museum, which opened on the banks of Lake Michigan in 2006 -- all of it within a short walk. I’d visited the museum a couple times during my newspaper days and thought it would be fun for Kates and Phoebe, especially, to explore it as well.

It worked out better than I thought. A visit that I hoped might last a couple hours turned into nearly the entire day. The museum is loaded with hands-on exhibits. Phoebe made sure she pressed every button and turned every crank in the maze that makes up the science and technology wing.

I believe, however, a family really gets their money’s worth in the maritime wing, which includes a large scale model of the Great Lakes and surrounding lands. Plus, there are breath-taking aquariums that you can walk over and under. Even better, there’s a pool where visitors are allowed to touch the sting rays and sturgeon that swim by.

Then there's the museum's recreation of the schooner, Challenge. Phoebe climbed around every inch of it again and again, and even served a pretend tea-party in the ship's dining area ...

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