Joys of parenting: Day 1,190

So we set out this afternoon to look for some deals. Businesses along The 'Ville's throroughfare were hosting sidewalk sales. ... Except, as we drove past the businesses, most of them weren't selling anything on their sidewalks.

Hungry and ready for lunch, we ended up at Maid-Rite. I had a tasty hot dog covered with a heap of chilli and cheese. Kates had the classic burger. And Phoebe had the kid's meal with a corn dog, her new favorite food. Everything was going great.

During the course of our meal, the owner took a liking to Phoebe. When Phoebe was finished with her meal, she presented Phoebe with a free ice cream sundae, complete with sprinkles. Phoebe had eaten about a third of it when she started acting silly, swung her arm and knocked it to the floor. Top-down with a splat.

The best was yet to come.

We went to a store where Phoebe fell madly in love with a stuffed frog. We allowed her to carry it around the store with the intention of buying it for her. But  she proceeded to run around the store, shout across it, lay in the middle of aisles and generally misbehave -- even when we told her we'd put the frog back if she didn't listen. When the time came to leave, and thus return the frog to its rack, Phoebe threw a major tantrum that had all of the clerks watching and smiling nervously.

I swept her up and we left the store. In the parking lot, she cried for Kates, so I handed her off and opened the car door. Kates put Phoebe in her car seat while Phoebe sobbed uncontrollably. Once everybody was in the car and buckled, I started the drive home.

About a quarter of the way there, Phoebe, still sobbing, cried that she she couldn't find one of her sandals. Kates glanced on the floor behind her and couldn't see it either. So I pulled into a parking lot and got out to look for it. With no sign of it, we headed back to the store, where we found the lone sandal in the parking lot.


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