I picked up Chinese takeout on my way from work tonight and brought it home for supper.

As soon as we finished eating I was out in the yard, working on developing my first flower garden at the new house. ... I'm still in the early stages. I assembled a stone border over the weekend. Tonight, I transplanted a gargantuan concrete stepping stone that had been in another area of the yard and worked on pulling up the remaining sod from within the new garden's border. The goal is to start planting this weekend.

Phoebe came outside with me, too. She likes to help me, until she thinks of something better to do. Tonight, she left me to play with a basketball. At one point, when I tried to steal the ball from her and take a shot at the basketball goal, she screamed at me, "Noooo! Daddy, go play in your garden!"

I stayed out until it was dark. The birds were chirping. The fireflies were out in full force ( ... you would not believe your eyes ...). And there was a bunny sitting in the middle of the next yard over. There was a moment there I wondered whether I was living a Disney movie.

Tomorrow's Friday. Things are good. I'm happy.

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