Birth day

So I've turned another year older.

Mostly, it was a low-key, uneventful affair. It included a normal day of work, writing stories and attending a cabinet meeting this afternoon. I made it out of the office by 5:30 tonight and arrived home to Kates cooking kielbasa with vegetables.

Yet, today was also filled with welcome reminders of my favorite people, things and other little joys of life. All of them made me grateful for my stock in life.

Starting with 70 some Facebook messages I received from friends and family across the Midwest.

Phoebe whispered “Happy Birthday” with a huge smile as she stood on the steps and started getting ready for school this morning.

Tonight, Kates, Phoebe and I played outside, blowing bubbles and snapping silly pictures of ourselves.

I spent a few minutes catching up on some reading. And found this good one about my favorite active player in baseball: Ryan Braun. Since 2008.

And when I was reminded that my iPod played “Forever” this morning, we got nostalgic about the glory of the J K Wedding video. So we watched it.

My parents called me on Skype. Even though we’re hundreds of miles away, I’m eternally thankful for the chance to see and speak with my parents any time I want.

Kates and Phoebe presented me with their cards. Phoebe drew a picture for me, and Kates gave me a new electric shaver -- something I desperately needed.

We ate turtle cake for dessert, and Phoebe helped me blow out the candles. She picked out the cake -- because she’s in a turtle-loving phase right now. If it has the word turtle, she’ll take it.

Then the epic dance party. Vinyl style. We played parts of “Out of the Blue,” “Rumours” “Let it Bleed” and “Led Zeppelin IV” as we followed each other, dancing in circles and waving Phoebe’s pom poms.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and happy tonight. During a month that’s reminded us again and again to be grateful for the good things in our lives, I’m feeling so blessed to have wonderful friends, coworkers and family in my life.

And to think about what we were doing a year ago today.

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