Spring bliss

Today is my first day of spring break. And it is good.

I got Phoebe to daycare this morning and dove into repainting the kitchen. … I didn’t confirm with Kates that was part of my plan today, so that was a nice bonus this evening to see the glowing expression on her face when she arrived home. We took it from a bold lime green to a neutral beige that better fits our style and decor. The cabinets remain white.

I spent the day painting with “Sportscenter” on the TV in the background all morning and then the Red Sox-Phillies spring training game on in the afternoon. Just me, a paint brush and sports on the TV. It doesn't get better than that.

Last night our friends Gina and Jeff stopped by the house and kidnapped Phoebe for a couple hours, which gave us precious time to finish organizing the kitchen and, more importantly, our bedroom. … We spent last week living out of our suitcases and picking whatever clothes we could find within arm’s reach amid all of the boxes and trash bags of belongings. And we couldn’t bare to begin another week that way.

We’re slooooooowly getting settled.

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