It’s been a crummy day.

I’m feeling the frustration of not accomplishing near as much as I’d hoped during my spring break.

This is about the time I tend to get burned out on the NCAA basketball tournament. The first three rounds are exciting. But by the Elite Eight games I’m usually feeling like a hostage to the TV and thinking, C’mon, let’s get on with the Final Four and wrap this thing up. That mentality usually has a lot do with how well my bracket and favorite teams are doing. ... Not to mention the distractions of my personal life. Trying to settle into a new house. Work. Parenthood.

Worst of all, it snowed nearly all day. After a couple weeks of beautiful spring-is-here days and warm temperatures, watching the big white flakes falling outside our window today nearly made me cry. Or just groan really loudly.

Then, there was Phoebe, who was in rare form today.

While Kates took off for the day on a shopping spree, Phoebe and I stayed in The ‘Ville to run some errands and take care of things around the house. We went to the recycling center. She got a sucker during our stop at the bank. We stopped at the post office where she played like a monkey on the metal bars that divide the lobby area. At the library, she picked out two new movies for the week and played a Dora game on the computer. For lunch, I made her a peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a butterfly -- just the way she likes it.

Then she refused to take a nap and the rest of the afternoon was an adventure in parenthood.

If I wasn’t scolding her for doing something she wasn’t supposed to be doing, she was throwing a tantrum about something she couldn’t do. And the madness continued right up to the point we tucked her into bed at 7:15 tonight.

When Connecticut finished off Arizona -- which was another black mark on my day because I needed an Arizona win to help my standing in the office pool -- I turned the TV off.

The silence never seemed so golden.

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