Every quarter or so a song comes along that is so catchy, so rockin', so danceable, so infectious that the references to it seem to be everywhere.

A most recent example: Cee-Lo Green's F*$# You. ... I love the song, and I was immediately dazzled the first time I saw the music video several  months ago. The color!

The most entertaining sketch on an otherwise bland SNL last night -- which is unfortunate, considering the one and only Gwyneth Paltrow was playing guest host -- was the "Record Meeting" sketch during which the actors substituted every F-ing reference with the clean, FCC-approved "forget" version, along with some sugars and Sasquatches.

The sketch provided an extra dimension of entertainment in the waiting see whether any of the actors might slip up a-la Jenny Slate to start last season.. ... Nobody slipped.

As the sketch wrapped, it provided a perfect segue into Cee-Lo's highly-anticipated, TV-friendly performance.

Other highlights from last night's SNL: The opening monologue was entertaining, only for watching Kristin Wiig bounce around in the background as a loony Dolly Parton. And the digital short featuring Pee-Wee Herman and other guest stars had some memorable moments.

a Cee-Lo: F*$# You official video
a Gwyneth Paltrow performing "Forget You" on "Glee"

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