Football, snow and stuff

I spent a good portion of my weekend teaching and advising. Journalism students.

Sharing the wisdom and experiences I’ve gathered during the last decade. … Talking philosophies on news story structure. Leads. Sources. The importance of beat reporting. Leadership. And my new favorite -- convergence.

I never quite imagined being in this place. And yet it’s a place I always wanted to be.

* * *

How ‘bout them Packers!

Of course I couldn’t contain myself when Tramon Williams intercepted Michael Vicks’ final pass in the end zone and the Packers clinched the game yesterday. I was tearing from one end of the living room to our bedroom and back, pumping my fists and shouting in celebration. ... James Starks was good, too.

Out of fear of jinxing their run, I’ll say no more. … But here’s hoping.

And the Seahawks beating the Saints!? ... Wow.

And this video, Tecmo Bowl geeks, of Marshawn Lynch's winning touchdown is awesome! ...

* * *

I couldn’t care less about the BCS championship game tonight. Between the stupid BCS system and seemingly endless violations and greed, I lost interest in Division I college football a long time ago.

* * *

As I write this, The ‘Ville is getting slammed with snow.

Fun. At least it’s the huge-snowflake-fluffy-pretty kind of snow.

I was outside and shoveling within minutes of getting out of bed this morning. Didn’t miss that last winter. Kates’ school was closing at 11 a.m. And at 5:30 p.m. -- my school wasn't canceled -- I was returning to my car and scraping the pile of snow from it.

The forecasters are saying we’ll have 11 inches by tomorrow morning.

I learned Kates’ school was canceled tomorrow before she did -- via one of the local newspaper’s Twitter accounts. Her phone rang about five minutes later with the official word.

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