Best of 2010

The year of 2010 started with an arrival and then a goodbye. From the start this year was full of adventure, and twists and turns. 

The first part of the year was loaded with anxious and  frustrating moments. From the early weeks of our seperation, to Valentine's Day, to Father's Day.

We filled our nights and weekends with Skype calls and once-a-month reunions -- in January, February, March, April when Phoebe turned 2, in May for the wedding of the year and again the next weekend, though it took somewhat of a miracle.

In the meantime, apartment living wasn't bad. ... But the winter was worse than any I'd experienced in Wisconsin.

Kates landed a teaching job in April, but our house hunting troubles were just beginning.

By June, we were settling into a duplex and Phoebe was settling into a new room with a big bed. We did a lot of reflecting on the last five years. We closed on our house in K-Town. On my birthday, we made the long haul to The 'Ville.

Phoebe grew up from a toddler just learning her ABCs to a delightful, babbling little girl. She had her first meeting with Santa ... and I guess we could say she found Jesus. ... But our summer will be remembered most for one thing: The surgery. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

During the fall, we took in fireworks and football. And football. Thanksgiving in Branson. And football. And football.

It was a year of adjustments.

* * *
In sports ...

Mark McGwire finally came clean. Hockey was the extent of my Olympics experience -- but it was so worth it.

The NCAA tournament was as thrilling and depressing as ever -- from the maddening good first round to Kansas' stunning loss to Northern Iowa to an epic K-State-Xavier game. And then there was Monday. We said goodbye to John Wooden, too.

When baseball season arrived, I kept up with following my old teams and got reaquainted with the Royals, especially when Ned Yost took over. There was that near-perfect game in Detroit. There was that glorious Sunday night in sports. The National League won an all-star game and the Cubs seemed to lose more than games.

In August, I picked the Rangers and Phillies as my World Series favorites. Instead we got the Rangers-Giants and the Giants won it -- with Edgar Renteria's help, no less. ... I took in a glorious doubleheader in Kansas City. I could only hope the Royals have a future as glorious as their past. Then they went and handed Zack Greinke to the Brewers.

The Blackhawks took the Stanley Cup. LeBron went to South Beach. We said goodbye to Ron Santo.

* * *
In music ...

The Grammy's dazzled and frustrated me as usual -- and delivered an unforgettable Pink performance. ... "Fireflies" left me mesmerized. ... As did Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn, and Neko Case.
Songs of the year go to One Republic and OK Go, Sara Bareilles, and Bruno Mars,

The music I love also caused some slight depression -- which I dubbed my "Summertime Blues." We missed The Weepies, among several other favorites. ... But, I did make my annual pilgrimmage to Summerfest and The Weepies blessed us with another wonderful album. I also got to see The Hunts.

* * *

In entertainment ...

We had to adjust to life without DVR, and there was the late night TV fracas. Betty White hosted SNL. We said goodbye to 'My Boys.' SNL and Katy Perry parodied Sesamegate.

Lost. The final season blew my mind from beginning to middle to end. And afterward.

Inception did the same. For weeks afteward.

Our TV blew up. But we were captivated by "The Sing-Off."

I found a workplace that embraced social media and fell deeper in love with it along the way.

* * *

Through it all, we found inspiration in the highs and lows, and we dug in. And to paraphrase The Weepies singing one of our all-time favorite lyrics and melodies: The world spun madly on.

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