Well, these last 72 hours have been a lot better than the 72 hours before that.

On Friday morning, after three nights in the hospital, the doctor gave us the OK to check out. He wrote us a couple prescriptions, we signed the paperwork and we were on our way by about 11 a.m. ...

And watching Phoebe running and jumping and playing over the weekend -- aside from the bandage that still dominated her neck -- you'd never guess what she'd been through.

As of tonight, I'm pleased to report, the bandage has been reduced to a couple Band-aids.

Kates took Phoebe back to the hospital this morning for a follow-up with the doctor, and he found nothing of concern. (Had it been the other way around, I might be coming to you tonight from a hospital in Kansas City.)

As for the infection, the blood work and cultures from last week have provided no answers confirming Phoebe had a staph infection, or anything else for that matter. And at this point, we may never know what happened.

To celebrate tonight, we walked with Phoebe to the Dairy Queen at the end of our street. The doctor suggested we get some ice cream for Phoebe, and Grandma and Grandpa H. happened send her a $2 bill for exactly that ... Pheebs clutched her $2 bill all the way to the restaurant and then personally handed it to the girl at the counter in exchange for a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Minutes later, we ended up at the park with Phoebe taking turns on the swing and the slide. She's going to be just fine.

Now, we're just counting down the days until we can be free of the 1 a.m. doses of medicine.

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