Lebron James: Taking Heat

So LeBron's going to Miami.
Wonderful. Now we can carry on with the rest of our summer.

The whole dramatic hour "Decision" shindig on ESPN aside ...

Seriously? Leave it up to ESPN to promote something so small -- in the grand scheme of life -- to epic proportions, and then draw it out and analyze it to boring bits ...

This from USA Today ...
Long ago, this got out of control, a circus fanned by a communication age that can't pause long enough to tell the difference between perspective and endless prattle. Or understand that some people — a lot of people — don't live and die with where a basketball player's next $100 million will come from. Not live and die 24/7, anyway.
Pretty much.

As I watched my Facebook and Twitter feeds leading up to the decision, at least through the first half of the show, there was a sense that everyone was watching ... Seriously, everyone. My favorite quip of the night goes to my friend Emiko, who wrote in her Facebook status: "hey lebron, brett favre called. he wanted me to tell you to stop being so dramatic."

Back to my original point. Deep down I was rooting for him to stay true to his hometown and stick with the Cavaliers, although I would have loooved to see him move to Chicago. But once he announced his decision to head to Miami, I couldn't fault his reasons.

New challenge. New opportunity. Happiness. ... Not to mention he and his Heat teammates are going to be quite the team to watch next season.

Though I get the arguments that LeBron is trying the easy road to a championship, as Lebron talked about his reasons for the move and the discussion he shared with his mother, I looked at Kates, who was sitting with Phoebe on the couch, and said, We know that feeling.

Good luck, LeBron. I'll be watching.

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