Tournament expansion could become a big issue

I've said it before, and I'll say it again ...

I don't like the NCAA's notion of expanding its basketball tournament one bit.

The Washington Post has another story on the issue this morning that got my blood pumping, and Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan's comments (see the end of the story) do have some merit -- believe me, I know all about and appreciate the benefits of change -- but tournament expansion is one idea I can't understand. It would dilute the tournament, and I've already been turned off by Division I football because of the BCS mess.

The major conference coaches complaining about their teams' inability to break into the current tournament doesn't sit well with me, and Kentucky Coach John Calipari's statements in this morning's Post story concur with my sentiments ...
If major conference teams feel they are losing berths to mid-major teams, Kentucky Coach John Calipari said: "Then play better. Finish higher. I just don't agree with [expansion]. Where it is right now, it is hard to get in, which makes it neat. It is hard to be seeded right, which makes it great.

"When I was in those other leagues, it would be aggravating that certain leagues would say they should get nine teams in and we should get one. 'What? We beat four teams in your league.' 'Yeah, but that was different, that was in December.' 'Yeah, but we beat them by 20.' 'Yeah, but we had a guy out and the officials killed us.' It blew me away."

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